The Aloha State Of Mind - The Story Of Reyn Spooner

Reyn Spooner - Casual Friday is an Office Staple.

Cheryl Pollard

In the US and around the world, Casual Friday is an office staple. Like all great ideas, there's more to the story. This one began in the 1960's, and we can thank the Hawaii Fashion Guild, and the founder, Reyn McCullough, for it. Reyn took the ill fitting and loud Aloha shirts of the early 50"s and gave them a more subtle, sophisticated look. With button-down collars, careful details and a fabrication, the "Brooks Brother of the Pacific" created a business-acceptable shirt in tropical Hawaii ready to challenge the business standard of the day - oppressively hot coat and tie....

The Aloha State of Mind - Story of Reyn Spooner

Cheryl Pollard

The Aloha State of Mind There's history, heritage and Aloha stitched into every Reyn Spooner Piece. The spirit of the Hawaiian islands and west Coast cool merges with East Coast prep. Casual comfort pairs with thoughtful construction. Timeless patterns meet modern styling. It's where the 50+ years of exclusive designs help tell the story of Hawaii's Aloha fashion legacy. The word Aloha means many things. It is used in greetings and farewells and in expression of love. Aloha is also a way of life, and it is something that is shared in every stitch. With every piece created in Hawaii and...