Amazing Stuffed Mushroom Recipe!

Well followers, we made a batch of the Ass Kickin Roasted Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms this weekend. They were a hit! Even the kids loved them! The combination of the spicy creamy sausage mixture was balanced by the soft and juicy mushroom. We used dark baby portobello mushrooms and had enough filling to fill about 40 small to medium size mushrooms. The stuffing was extremely easy to whip up. We added 2 tablespoons of hot sauce at first to check the heat....and determined that we would add 1more as directed on bottle recipe. It seemed to be just the right amount of hot sauce. The flavors worked really well together. They were served hot to begin with and once they had cooled completely we thought they were still just as yummy! This is now a family favorite! Definitely could make the stuffing ahead of time and stuff next day if you wanted. 

So come on down to our NEW Location in Fallbrook and get your bottle of ASS KICKIN ROASTED GARLIC HOT SAUCE. The recipe is on the bottle. $5.99

Share your favorite hot sauce recipes!

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