North Shore Goodies - Made in Hawaii

Cheryl Pollard

Made in Hawaii 

North Shore Goodies is a family operated business based on the North Shore of Oahu. The creators of the original coconut peanut butter.

The Start

Their coconut peanut butter was born out of two desires to create a better peanut butter and to take advantage of the multitude of amazing, exotic ingredients found in Hawaii. Introduced at a local farmers market, word spread quickly of their coconut peanut butter's unique, delectable flavor and soft, creamy texture. As more people found out about it sales took off.

Fresh and Healthy Ingredients

North Shore Goodies goal to create products from the freshest and healthiest ingredients found, without the use of any preservatives or chemicals. They like keeping things simple. In an age where food products might contain over 20 ingredients, their products often include only three or four. They also believe in supporting their local community, so they source all of the ingredients locally from farmers in Hawaii.

OKAY.....no seriously it's the best peanut butter EVER!

The White Chocolate Rasberry Peanut Butter is simply DIVINE!

Make crepes. Fill crepes with favorite fruit and chocolate peanut butter. WARNING: May be addictive!

Hawaiian Pepper Jam is sweet and spicy and will wake up your morning taste buds when spread on toast. It's perfect on a bagel with cream cheese!


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